Accelerate Understanding and Enhance Student Engagement

Empower students with a comprehensive science education and build their foundational knowledge to create future scientists, engineers, technologists, and technicians.

Why implement JoVE at your School or District?


Reinforce mastery with video content that is aligned with your state standards

Support Diverse Student Learning:

JoVE offers content in 15 languages to support your students, learning styles, and language needs.

Supplement Science Labs:

Ensure that students who miss a science lab can review critical steps with lab videos in JoVE.

Save Teachers’ Time:

JoVE videos can be embedded into your CMS, helping to save time curating, reviewing, and scheduling content.

Reinforce the Curriculum:

Aligned with your STEM curriculum and syllabus, JoVE reinforces key concepts in an interactive and engaging experience.

Our science videos help school
& district leaders achieve their goals efficiently

Reinforce Standards Mastery:

Leverage JoVE’s videos aligned with NGSS, AP, and State Standards

Promote Inclusive Learning:

Access videos with translations in 13+ languages

Analyze Immediate Performance Data:

Measure performance results from JoVE’s quiz performance data

Build your Own Playlists:

Create custom playlists to meet learning outcomes

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Improve learning outcomes at your school or district

With JoVE for High Schools:

  • Students increased their grade up to 2 letters

  • 96% students improved their comprehension with JoVE

  • 85% students preferred JoVE over traditional textbooks

  • 85% students found JoVE to be a helpful course supplement