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FAQs About JoVE

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What is JoVE High Schools?

JoVE High Schools is an online learning platform to help advance STEM instruction. With 18,000+ videos that include concept explanations, lab demonstrations and advanced research videos, JoVE offers something for every classroom. Our videos are translated in 13+ languages and can be seamlessly integrated into any LMS. It also includes JoVE Quiz, a one stop assessment solution to gauge students’ understanding of concepts covered in JoVE videos.

What kind of video content does JoVE High Schools offer?

JoVE High Schools offers a range of video content, from short concept videos to curriculum focused lab videos and advanced research videos. JoVE videos address diverse teaching and learning needs. Our videos also have a preset list of quiz questions that are ready-to-use.

Can JoVE content be embedded into an LMS?

Yes, JoVE videos and quizzes can easily be embedded into any LMS. We also offer LTI integration.

Are JoVE videos aligned with National and State Standards?

Yes, JoVE videos are aligned to NGSS, US State Standards and AP standards.

Can I get a trial before making the decision to purchase a subscription?

We offer institutional trials for schools and school districts that are interested in trying JoVE before purchasing a subscription. To request a trial, get in touch with us using the linked form or write to us at

How can I purchase a subscription?

To purchase a subscription for your school or district, get in touch with us using the linked form or write to us at

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